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I have founded an educational and informative organization called:
"Tomorrow's Footprints"
501c pending

Tomorrow's Footprints Is an organization that is committed to educating and preserving the history and fundamentals of the Hip Hop culture through music and dance. In April 2013, I was appointed as a National Advisor for the Cornell University Hip Hop Library Collection. I've worked in the criminal justice field for many years. I will use my experience and knowledge to bring awareness by mentoring and educating young men, women, and at risk youth. My mission is to deliver the importance of choices, education and self-empowerment.
As a young women growing up in the Bronx, New York, I'd developed a passion and love for the culture of Hip Hop. In 2007, My daughter (Eboni Foxx/Tia Evette) and I, opened the first Performing Arts School in the Central Texas area. It is a military community of 80,000 active United States soldiers. The school taught all areas of the arts, such as dance, music, piano, emceeing, d-jaying and the history of Hip Hop and its culture. Today, We have expanded the performing arts and educational programs by providing after school and summer enrollments. We have also incorporated such programs, as the (ASKA) Martial Arts and the Beat Street Dance and Fitness Studio for young men/women. It is a place where children can come and experience the arts while embracing an active and healthy fitness lifestyle.

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