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Funky 4/Funky 4 +1 More:

• "Rappin & Rockin The House" (1979)
• "That's The Joint" (1980)
• "Square Biz" (1982)
• "Do You Want to Rock (Before I Let Go) (1982)
• "Feel It" (The Mexican) (1983)
• "Super Stars" (1983)
• "King Heroin" was originally recorded in (1984) by the Funky 4, remixed and released by Jazzy Jeff in (1985)
MC Sha-Rock lends her voice and appears on recordings such as:
  • "Us Girls Can Boogie To" appeared as a member of the Us Girls courtesy of the motion picture "Beat Street"
  •  "All the Ladies" 1999 featuring Big Dig Daddy Kane
  •  "Legends of Hip Hop" (2002)  song titled "Fifth Element" where old school meets new school, associated artist includes 34 hip-hop legends.  Melle Mel, Ice-T, Flava Flav, Cheeks, Special K, Bambaataa, Run, Smooth Approach, Sha-Rock, Doc Ice, Busy Bee, Whodini, Rahiem, Reggie Reg, Grandmaster Caz, DLB, LA Sunshine, Grand Puba, Pete DJ Jones, Kurtis Blow, DJ Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Big Daddy Kane, Dano, Ceelo (as in Goodie Mob), Waterbed Kev, Speech, Kidd Creole, Grand Wizard Theodore, Dota Rock, Rakim & DJ Kool Herc.
  •  "Where Are They Now" featuring NAS "
  •  " A Hip Hop Odyssey" 2011 produced by Marley Marl.
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